She’s making sure Pueblo Estates puts on a great Christmas show

During the last few years, Marie Chavez noticed that enthusiasm for the annual light show at Pueblo Estates in Green Valley had dimmed.

Her mission to buck the trend this year has sparked a Christmas like no other.

“We’re kind of getting away from the community feel in this neighborhood that we used to have,” Chavez says. “And I really wanted to push that ‘help your neighbor’ mentality. If you know they’re not up to it, throw some lights on their cactus.”

Chavez and her “army of elves” decorated 36 homes at Pueblo Estates this year, and their work has sparked most everyone to deck the halls this season.

She also convinced a few curmudgeons to green-light her efforts — as long as Chavez would keep their enthusiasm under wraps.

“There’s been a couple that have said, ‘Don’t let anybody know that this was OK.’ Because it would ruin their reputation as being grumpy old men,” she says.

Read the entire Green Valley News and Sun article here. Originally published Dec. 21, 2018.


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