Pima County has volunteers serving in tough jobs

How does the Pima County Board of Supervisors stay on top of the minutiae of road repairs or the best way to serve local business owners?

What about keeping up on elections, historical designations or agriculture?

They appoint a small army of volunteers to commissions and committees.

There are 56 county boards, commissions and committees made up of community members who provide insight, information and perspective to the board. While some panels are created for a specific, short-term purpose, others are mandated by state statute and meet year-round.

District 4 Supervisor Steve Christy Christy says he tries to appoint people from his district even if it’s not required by that particular committee. His general rule of thumb assures that an appointee has a vested interest in the issues.

Members drop off boards on occasion, but he says it’s fairly common for people to approach him and volunteer for commissions.

At any given moment, Christy has about a half-dozen people he can call on to fill a vacancy.

“It’s gratifying to have people stop you and say, ‘If I can help you, let me know,’” he says.

Read the entire Green Valley News and Sun article here. Originally published Nov. 4, 2018.


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