County plan to fix roads with bonds goes down

Pima County voters have spoken: Find another way to repair our failed roads.

Proposition 463, which would have green-lighted a $430 million road repair bond package over a five-year period, was going down hard on Tuesday.

With almost 43 percent of Pima County’s registered voters accounted for at 10 p.m., just over 56 percent of county voters said no.

Gary Davidson, an outspoken critic of the roads plan, said voters don’t believe that 70 percent of county roads are in failed or poor condition simply because the county lacks sufficient resources.

“Nor do voters seem to believe the poor condition of our roads is because the taxpayers are insufficiently taxed,” Davidson said. “And it’s time for the county government to begin prioritizing core government services, including road repair and maintenance.”

Davidson has served on the Pima County Bond Advisory Committee representing District 1 since 2006. He was a leading opponent of an $815 million county bond package that went down in flames in 2015.

During the first five years of the repair plan, unincorporated Pima County, which includes Green Valley, would have received $166.1 million, and the Town of Sahuarita would have received $12.1 million.

The bonds would have kept primary property taxes level at 69 cents per $100 of assessed value. If it passed, the tax rate would have been extended from January 2019 through FY 2028.

Read the entire Green Valley News and Sun article here. Originally published Nov. 6, 2018.


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