Good times, good songs with: KARAOKE MIKE

“Why would I ever walk away from this,” Michael Coddington says as a smile erupts from his face and he cues up the next song. His guests’ playlists are mapped out in front of him, labeled with white flashcards noting which tune is next. One after another, these jukebox aficionados step up to the mic, grabbing a few minutes of shine. For Coddington and his regulars, it’s a typical Monday evening.

Coddington, 67, known as Karaoke Mike, first picked up a guitar at age 5. He started his karaoke business about 12 years ago, and if there’s a lull between singers, he grabs his six-string and takes center stage.

For more than a year, he’s performed every Monday at the Shoppes at La Posada’s weekly farmers market, filling the air with recognizable renditions ranging from classic rock to country hits.

Read the entire Green Valley News article here. Originally published Aug. 14, 2018.