Tactical drawings par excellence: Patriotic artist a local pastor

Whether designing a piece or rendering a drawing, the first step is having a concept for the work, Joonho “JK” Kim says. Technique is something that an artist develops over time, and Kim says he has a “God-given” talent that allows him to visualize the end result of his art before placing pencil to paper. So sitting down to create the piece at home in Sahuarita is a matter of executing this internal image.

“It sounds like bragging, but it’s true,” Kim says. “God made me very good at what I do.”

Kim is tactical artist who creates depictions of law enforcement agencies in action. He also makes patriotic art. During the last 12 years, this 61-year-old has earned international recognition.

His Rancho Sahuarita home studio is littered with tactical drawings commissioned by law enforcement agencies from across the country. Some of the art will never see the light of day because of the department who paid for the work.

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County disagrees with ACLU opinion on ICE agents in jails

An ACLU attorney whose opinion on ICE agents operating within the county jail complex was shredded by a Pima County staff attorney has dismissed the counter opinion as “political” and non-binding.

American Civil Liberties Union lawyer Billy Peard argued in a May 7 memo that the Pima County Board of Supervisors can legally bar U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents from operating within the county jail.

Peard’s memo stated that the county could be held liable for jail operations deemed as “tortious acts committed by its sheriff.”

Under this tort — a wrongful act or infringement of a civil right — the board can control how the sheriff operates a county jail and can impede ICE operations, Peard said.

Peard said there are board members who would like to remove ICE from the county jail, and they “can take action if they deem it desirable to do so.”

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Years-long battle didn’t end like neighbors wanted

It took more than five years, but they finally have an answer. It just may not be the one they wanted to hear.

A few residents in Green Valley Vistas, off San Ignacio in northern Green Valley, were alarmed when they saw a huge RV garage going up behind a resident’s house. The home was 1,643 square feet. The garage was more than double that.

After the garage was completed, the heavy traffic began, residents said. There goes the neighborhood, they thought.

The garage belongs to Jeffrey Swigert, who operates Green Valley Garage Doors from his home at San Ignacio and La Canoa. It’s a licensed home-occupation business.

On Thursday, the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality inspected the business and found one code violation. Swigert has 30 days to submit a corrective action plan to the county.

Residents were hoping for a lot more.

The complaints started when Swigert built a structure that went through the permit and variance process under “somewhat questionable” circumstances, said resident Gerald G. Findling in a letter to former Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll dated Jan. 6, 2013.

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Pima County voters will decide $430 million bond for road repairs

Voters will get to decide in November whether to start fixing county roads using $430 million in bonds.

The proposal, approved in a 4-1 vote Tuesday by the Pima County Board of Supervisors, is the latest plan to raise an estimated $1 billion needed to address repair and maintenance issues.

County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry listed a string of failed plans to fix county roads and said the bond is the last option available.

District 1 Supervisor Ally Miller was the lone no vote. She said the board has not prioritized road repairs over the years and has the money in the budget to make it happen if it had the will.

“The people don’t trust us anymore and they shouldn’t trust us,” she said Tuesday.

District 4 Supervisor Steve Christy, who represents Green Valley and part of Sahuarita, voted for the bond resolution, saying voters should have the final say.

“The voters will decide and that’s how it should be,” he said.

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