Proposed GVR amendment eats up time, goes nowhere

It’s 90 minutes nobody will ever get back.

The GVR Board of Directors on Tuesday spent that much time on a proposed amendment to the Corporate Policy Manual that ended up going nowhere.

The change — recommended by GVR attorney Wendy Ehrlich and the Board Affairs Committee — sought to address an issue that was determined not to be an issue.

The committee recommended three changes to the CPM involving Life Care members — people who once lived in GVR properties but who have moved to senior living facilities and took their membership with them.

Two of the three changes were not a problem: Life Care users may not serve on the Board of Directors or be a member of a Committee of the Board.

The third was the hang-up. It would have deleted language that said Life Care Users could purchase guest card passes just like any other GVR member. Ehrlich and the Board Affairs committee recommended killing the language even though it exists in several other places in the policy.

In short, changing it wouldn’t change anything.

Read the entire Green Valley News article here. Originally published on June 26, 2018.


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