Pima County looks at possible Plan B for road fixes

Pima County is looking at Plan B in anticipation that a half-cent sales tax to fix roads will be voted down at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting.

The board will vote whether to implement the tax when it finalizes the county budget. Any tax increase needs a unanimous vote, and District 1 Supervisor Ally Miller has publicly said she would not back a tax hike for road repairs. Supervisor Steve Christy voted against an ordinance — a precursor to approving the tax — last month because it would allow $3 million in general fund money to go toward social service programs. He said Friday that he also will vote no on the sales tax on Tuesday.

If the vote fails, as expected, the board could ask voters to authorize a bond initiative on the November ballot, according to a June 14 memo from County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry. The memo presents two proposals: a $430 million bond that would be repaid in 10 years (including paying down current county debt), or an $860 million package that would take 15 years to pay back.

Read the entire Green Valley News article here. Originally published June 15, 2018.


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