Hughes partnership adds $14,700 to Friends of the Library budget

The Friends of the Pima-Green Valley Library partnered with Hughes Federal Credit Union this year, adding $14,700 to its program coffer.

All the Friends had to do was open a $50 savings account, Carol Bates-Smith said, treasurer of the club. 

When Hughes issued a car loan, the patron could purchase a year-long Friends membership for only $10. From January through February, the Friends of Green Valley collected all of the proceeds. Since March, the local group still gets between $20 and $80 each month, Bates-Smith said.

Striking a partnership with the Friends is simply part of the National Credit Union philosophy of “people helping people,” Dani Gomez said, marketing manager at Hughes.

They have partnered with multiple Friends’ branches for more than 20 years, including in Oro Valley, Pima County and now Green Valley, she said.

“Hughes offers this program as a way for people to gain membership to our credit union and give back to the communities we serve,” Gomez said.

Read the entire Green Valley News article here. Originally published on June 17, 2018.


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