Green Valley library poetry slam wants to put you on stage

The best part about running a poetry slam is hearing other artists perform, said Enrique Garcia Naranjo, of Spoken Futures Inc.

Green Valley residents will have a chance to showcase their poetic prowess on Friday.

“There’s not a lot of spaces that allow for creativity to flow, so when there’s space and time for creativity, it brings me joy to be a part of that process,” he said.

The art of slam poetry is an emotive delivery of a poem in a competitive environment, which compels audience participation. The appropriate venue for this art form is a poetry slam; the term “slam” is used because of the audience’s ability to make or break a performance.

The Joyner-Green Valley Branch Library will host a free Poetry Slam on Friday from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Anyone interested in attending is asked to register at the library or on the Pima County Public Library website. Space is limited to 40 participants.

Read the entire Green Valley News article here. Originally published on May 30, 2018.


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