UA professor’s new classical album views human experience via a Jewish lens

Tucson composer Daniel Asia’s latest CD attempts to contextualize the human experience via a Jewish sacred text, plus the poems of a New York Jewish poet and an Israeli Jewish poet. “To Open in Praise” contains 12 tracks in three sections, written over a 25-year period.

Asia’s work gets richer with every listen, says Sid Lissner, a founding member of Avitecture, an audiovisual engineering company based in the Washington, D.C. area, who retired to Tucson almost three years ago. Lissner befriended Asia when he relocated and is honored to be a project benefactor. Not only is Asia a well respected modern American composer, there are very few people creating pieces via a Jewish lens, says Lissner.

Lissner describes Asia as a “thinker and an artist” of noteworthy stature.

“He’s a respected professor and he’s notable for writing Jewish music in a classical mode,” says Lissner. “There aren’t too many people doing this, and Dan does it so well — it’s art.”

Read the entire Arizona Jewish Post article here. Originally published on Sept. 8, 2017.


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