Greetings Tour

Aching for mercy, my shell wondered two blocks west of Fourth Avenue. Time stopped that day; weeks after I noticed the Greetings Tour piece.

Muralist Victor Ving and photographer Lisa Beggs make up this RV-propelled mural project. The pair are traveling around the United States beautifying cities from coast-to-coast. Their stateside trek began in April 2015.

Ving is a former graffiti artist from Queens, New York. I caught him on the humble when he finished Tucson’s alleycat aerosol fresco. He’s drawing inspiration from Americana postcard art used between the 1930s and ’50s. I was excited when Ving told me local muralist Rock ‘Cyfi’ Martinez helped this piece along.

The day I ventured back to snap a few flicks, my soul needed a taste of the supernatural. The arts always provide.

A high school student from Des Moines, Iowa just copped a new DSLR. Here’s Dan in action, capturing a short reel for his first video project. He was all shy smiles when I introduced myself. His mom was supportive and genuinely bored, clicking a few photos with her mobile. It was a joy to see someone creating just because, then I realized we were one of same that day. Thanks, Dan.

I was losing light fast. Up with my bike, away with my phone and in a flash the evening escaped. My heartache dissipated as the night sky bled heavily overhead.


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  1. Ester · March 21, 2017



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