Arsenio Hall, UA Hillel benefit performer, believes in power of laughter

Arsenio Hall, a comedian, actor and television star, believes in the healing power of laughter, and he surrounds himself with like-minded people.

“The greatest thing in the world is laughter, from my son to my friends, laughter keeps you young and it keeps you alive,” says Hall.

Nothing impedes his comedy routines, says the self-proclaimed “Republicrat,” someone who holds both Democratic and Republican principles. Hall aims his humorous criticism at the best target, whether it’s President Barack Obama’s ears or Trump’s hair.

“If I don’t look at everyone, and everything, I miss good jokes,” says Hall. “And one of the things that I love about stand-up now is, when I’m performing, whoever you like, you will enjoy my act — because I’m going to rip everybody.”

Read the entire Arizona Jewish Post article here.

Originally published on Jan. 20, 2017.


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