Four days of presidential musing

smWhat does it really matter, I asked myself. Plenty of folks won’t cast a ballot in four days, my thoughts furthered. It’s Friday, Nov. 4, and it feels far from the precipice of a chilly weekend.

Presidential hopeful Donald J. Trump touts to his base in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The live broadcast by The Washington Post caught 104 viewers. Conversely, Fox News could brag about the 14,800 plus consumers glued to Trump’s rhetoric. And it’s hard to defend Hillary Clinton, or claim she’s a better choice. Clinton is business as usual; American politicians policing the world and destroying their home in the process.

The contrast in numbers on these two competing news organizations says a lot. I was foolish enough to believe Trump was losing steam when I noticed how few were watching him via the Post. Then I came to, switched my feed to Fox, and enjoyed my hope disappear while sipping my glass of merlot.

According to the Bipartisan Policy Center, on average, about 58.6 percent of Americans have bothered to vote in a presidential election since 2000. In 2012, a mere 57.5 percent of Americans cast a vote for president, which is a larger turnout than the 2000 race where only 54.2 percent elected their commander in chief.

But our lives, and happiness, are our responsibility. No matter who wins this bloody election, and decides to devour this sad, egotistical country — we’re doomed. Most days I can only rationalize enough energy to hope we don’t get what we deserve.  


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