Photos from an ‘Old Neighborhood’

Tucson’s Barrio Viejo, or Old Neighborhood, is arguably the prettiest place to take photographs in Southern Arizona’s art-centric metropolis. The historic, adobe structures line a few narrow avenues between downtown and the Old Pueblo’s South Side. Since 1971, a concerted effort has been made to restore and revitalize our local, picturesque city centre. Whether you’re new to town, simply visiting or have created generations of history here, keeping Barrio Viejo healthy feels like an invaluable investment.


Teatro Carmen


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Local Jewish cemetery, once derelict, gains national attention

Every graveyard tells its own story, says Tucsonan Richard Rosen, former owner of the Bisbee-Douglas Jewish Cemetery, located about 100 yards from the U.S.-Mexico border. Regardless of its current condition, the land still radiates a strong spiritual energy, says Rosen.

“There’s something right about it, and there’s also something magical about this place,” he says.

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Original publication date July 8, 2016.

Tucson reputation as ‘world-class destination’ gets boost from new murals

Rocky Martinez painted the ‘Goddess of Agave’ mural on the Benjamin Supply building at 440 N. 7th Ave. (Photo: David J. Del Grande ; Mural © 2016 Rocky Martinez/Tucson Arts Brigade)

Bright colorful new murals scattered around downtown will do more than beautify Tucson — they’ll provide an economic boost by helping to brand Tucson as an exotic, world class destination, and by reducing the money spent on graffiti abatement, says Michael B. Schwartz, director of the nonprofit Tucson Arts Brigade, which facilitates the City of Tucson Mural Program.

“We did some surveying,” he says, and found that dozens of people have been coming downtown daily just to look at the murals, often staying to dine or shop.

Written by Phyllis Braun, Arizona Jewish Post executive editor. Find the entire article here.

Original publication date, June 24, 2016.


In Israel for eighth grade trip THA students feel ‘like family’


THA eighth graders enjoy the buoyancy of the salt-laden Dead Sea. (L-R): Eva Prouty, Ana Rosman, Lucila Thal, Katie Kanter and Lulu Youngerman (Photo courtesy of Jon Ben-Asher).

As Louisa (Lulu) Youngerman waded effortlessly in the Dead Sea, making playful attempts to reach its bed, she was awestruck by the experience.

“This is everything that I heard about and more,” says Lulu. “This is magical.”

During the 11-day trip, the group visited Independence Hall in Tel Aviv, the Western Wall and the Yad Vashem World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem and the pools of Ein Gedi.


Read the entire Arizona Jewish Post article here.

Original publication date, June 24, 2016.