March For Bernie Sanders sweeps nation, gets no coverage

Two days before Super Tuesday — the most pivotal day for the presidential primaries in the United States —  a pro-Bernie Sanders march took place in at least 40 cities nationwide without a single report from major news outlets.

U.S. Uncut, a grassroots direct action political organization, wrote, “thousands of cheering Bernie supporters have packed metropolitan sidewalks and streets, further cementing the rallying cry that the Bernie phenomenon is more than a Presidential campaign.

Although the group does not feign an objective voice, what does this alarming lack of coverage in large cities like New York, Boston and Los Angeles tell your average American citizen?

How can this type of national mobilization not be timely, or not effect the cities that are hosting these marches?

By definition, the events taking place across the U.S., on Saturday, Feb. 27, are newsworthy, but where are our nation’s watchdogs, beat reporters or valiant champions of writing “All the News That’s Fit to Print”?