B1: Project critique


“Anti-Hero’s ‘What’s Up Monkey?’ Is The Ultimate Skateboarding Tour Series”

Professional skateboarding teams tour often, with photographers in tow, and their skating along with intoxicated mayhem gets documented. Typically they shred skate parks, schools, city streets or anything they happen upon. Tour videos usually show 90 percent skating relegating 10 percent for general madness or good times.

Unless you ride for Anti-Hero.

The “What’s Up Monkey?” series has the Nor Cal boys supplying us with the opposite. Their B-roll footage is the focus, and you get some hammers intermediately.

The motley crew insists on reminding its viewers they are not fame-oriented. Fortunately, they accomplish this with unadulterated style, grace and joyful finesse. The crew has some of the gnarliest skaters in the industry who have not forgotten why they began. Skateboarding is supposed to be fun. And becoming a professional is the ultimate anti-job.

Conversely, the consequences of attempting professional tricks can be fatal. And the best in the business take those aforementioned leaps in strictly controlled environments.

But, by the day’s close the plywood superstars became outliers while playing.


One comment

  1. Michael McKisson · September 13, 2015

    I dig the link to Urban Dictionary. I would have thrown the video up top. I’d like to see have you talk about what techniques you could use in your own reporting.


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